Kitchener #12 Electric Meat Grinder Review

Kitchener #12 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Why do you need an electric meat grinder? The answer is simple. When cutting through meats manually, you expose yourself to risks such as accidentally slicing your finger open or being unable to cut through bone. These small flaws are all fixed with a trustworthy grinder, which is why we love the very popular Kitchener electric meat grinder.

There’s no better electric meat grinder than the Kitchener #12. It’s highly ranked amongst consumers because of its ease of use, three powerful cutting plates, and its ability to cut over 750 lbs of meat per hour. Keep reading to see if this grinder is perfect for you and your kitchen.

Kitchener #12 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder 3/4 HP (550W)

About The Product

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about this grinder it’s the circuit breaker that comes with it. The circuit breaker was designed to prevent the grinder from overheating. Once the grinder reaches its limit, it will automatically shut off, which saves the user money on repairs and damage to the machine.


  • Rust Proof
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Waterproof Switch
  • Removable Drawer for Accessory Storage
  • ¾ HP Motor


When it comes to durability, the Kitchener #12 is full of it. The device has a stainless steel housing, which prevents it from attracting rust and can withstand drops, spills, shocks, and other forms of damage. Buy this grinder if you want the ultimate protection when processing food.

What makes this product stand out against the competition is its high meat capacity. For example, it has the dimensions of 13"x9"x2-⅜ that comes with an enlarged feeding throat. This allows you to place more meat in the grinder without it getting jammed.

Kitchener #12 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder 3/4 HP (550W)

It’s removable drawer is another feature that the Kitchener #12 shines at. With it, you can add and remove accessories such as the sausage stuffer, extra augers, and much more into it. This is useful as it allows you to quickly switch accessories and fully utilize the machine.

But there’s one flaw worth mentioning. Some consumers did not like the low quality knives. And, they found that the knives and the stainless material was not easily cleaned via a dishwasher. Because of this flaw, you’ll have to manually clean the device before using it again.

For its price, the Kitchener #12 Electric Meat Grinder is the best in its category. Not only does it have over 500 watts of power, but it also can grind through meat faster than the competition. Get this grinder today if you want to see a change in your cooking results and create dishes at a commercial

Buying Advice

Here's our buying advice on this product:

Why Should I Package And Cut My Own Meat

This is a question that beginner shoppers tend to ask. The advantages of using an electric meat grinder is numerous. Here are a reasons as to why you should invest in an electric meat grinder.

  • Safer: Prepacked beef contains meat and germs from hundreds if not thousands of animals. This means that users have to practice caution when they cook with prepackaged ground beef. Using a meat grinder is safe and reduces the chances of your packaged meat becoming un edible and unhealthy to eat.
  • More Flavor: Unless you know your local butcher, you’re limited to the ground beef that’s sold at the supermarket. This is more specific than understanding the fat content of your meats. Having a electric meat grinder at home allows you to have control over the what meats go into the grinder and the intensity of the fat content.
  • Enhanced Texture: Preground meat is known for sitting in the packaging and becoming oxidized. It also becomes compressed, making it harder for users to enjoy the food. If you grind your meats fresh, it keeps them nice and loose. Electric meat grinders improve the texture and the moisture levels when cooking.

While you can grind meat via manual methods or through a processor, there’s no better tool than an electric meat grinder. If you plan on cutting meat on a regular basis, and electric meat grinder will ensure that you’ll cut through them safely and have a clean result each time.

Sausage Accessories

Most electric grinders come with extra sausage attachments if you’re planning on making sausage. While it’s not as useful as the sausage stuffer, sausage attachments that are included with your grinder are good enough. Some models have a sausage stuffing plate so you don’t have to regrind the meat when making sausages.

Kitchener #12 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder 3/4 HP (550W)

Manual Or Electric

Manual grinders are made for processing food in small quantities. They are small and are built to fit the ktichen table. On average, manual grinders grind through at least 3 pounds of meat per minute.

Manual grinders also include cutting plates that rotate against a cutting knife in order to produce a large ½ inch or small 3/16 inch small pieces of meat. The food is then cut, whether it may be beef, turkey, venison, duck, or vegetables.

It’s lead by the feed tuner which goes into the auger which spins out the meat and helps it grinds up your food through the cutting plate.

Electric grinders have a similar function but are more complex in design. They have 2 or 3 different types of cutting plates. For instance, the 3/16, ¼, and ½ inch plates are common sizes for an electric grinder. Electric grinders can cut through a large quantity of meat without effort.

Most electric grinders come with an additional reverse function. When your machine is jammed, press the reverse button to quickly get it back into working condition. Like most electronic models, you have to remove the cutting plate and the knife to eliminate clogs.


One of the most important aspects of buying a grinder relates to your budget. Most of us have a spending limit, so there’s only so much we can get out of one meat grinder.

Kitchener #12 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder 3/4 HP (550W)

Remember, your electric meat grinder is a serious investment. This is true especially if you’re processing your own game or making dog food. You’ll save a lot of money if you buy an electric grinder that lasts.

Closing Remarks

When it comes to the best electric meat grinder in the market, there’s no doubt that the Kitchener #12 is worth your money. With a fast meat processing speed of over 720 pounds an hour and a fast ¾ HP motor, you’ll never have to worry about cutting large batches again.

In conclusion, the Kitchener #12 is perfect for anyone who wants an easier prep cooking process. Buy today if you want to make the best tasting meals in a shorter time span than other products. You won’t be disappointed!

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